Student Affairs Committee Workshops

Student Workshop Luncheon: Transitioning from Student to Professional

October 18, 2019

Bloomington, IN

Three speakers who have recently completed their degrees will discuss their experiences on the job market and in different professional environments, providing advice and answering questions. This event is open to all students, however free lunch will only be provided to the first 20 students to RSVP. Please RSVP via the Student Affairs email ( as soon as possible, but no later than October 4th, if you plan to attend.


Student Workshop Luncheon: Collaborative Research with Indigenous Communities

October 26, 2018

San Antonio, TX

Discussion was led by Deanna Bird (Choctaw) and María Nieves Zedeño (UA).


Student Workshop Luncheon: Publishing in Academic Journals

October 6, 2017

Bismarck, ND

Robert Hoard (KHS), Marcel Kornfeld (UW), and Laura Scheiber (IU) were this year's panelists.


How to Get a Job in Archaeology

October 13, 2016

Lincoln, NE

This year's workshop included a discussion on how undergraduate and graduate students can better prepare themselves for the job market. Speakers included professionals from the academic, government, and private sectors. The panelists were Jennifer Harty (US Army Corps of Engineers), Janice McLean (RC Goodwin), Margaret Beck (UI), Ann Bauermeister (National Park Service), and Bill Reizte (PFNP).


Professional Behavior, Networking, and Finding a Mentor

October 16, 2015

Iowa City, IA

Two guest speakers (Bonnie Pitblado of the University of Oklahoma and John Doershuk of the Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist) presented on issues related to professional behavior (specifically dealing with gender harassment), how to find a mentor, and networking skills. A significant portion of the workshop was open for discussion, where students could ask the speakers questions regarding these topics and learn from the speaker's experiences.


Other (Pre-Student Affairs Committee):

Calling All Students! A Workshop for Fostering Student Interest and Involvement in the Plains Anthropological Society

October 4, 2013

Loveland, CO

This session, chaired by a panel of students and recent graduates, was an opportunity for recent society members to generate ideas to further participation in the Plains Anthropological Society (PAS). Conference attendees were invited to discuss: (1) future and sustained student membership, (2) ways to attract new members, (3) student participation in conference organization, and (4) what PAS can do to actively engage student members. This session was viewed as an opportunity for students to become actively engaged in PAS and for their ideas and concerns to be heard. [Moderators: Brendon Asher, Kacy Hollenback, William Reitze, and Sarah Trabert]