Student Poster Competition
Past Recipients


Abigail E. Fisher (Graduate Student, Southern Methodist University)

  • Dog diet as a tool to assess forager response to farmers on the northern Plains: stable isotope analysis data

Caden P. Hooker, Aleah Kuhr, Bryn Sullivan, Kelsy Kreikemeier, Spencer Little (Undergraduate Students, Center of Mountains and Plains Archaeology)

  • Of Rarified Air and Form: A Recently Recorded Ceramic Vessel from Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. 

Kelton Meyer (Graduate Student, Colorado State University)

  • Countryside Folsom in the San Luis Valley, Colorado: Revisiting the Reddin Site

Sasha Buckser (Graduate Student, University of Colorado at Boulder), Karissa Hughes (Oklahoma University), Victoria Bowler Monagle (University of New Mexico), William Taylor (University of Colorado at Boulder), Courtney Hofman (Oklahoma University)

  • Human-Canid Interactions at Black's Fork, Wyoming

Riley Limbaugh (Undergraduate Student, Colorado State University)

  • The Days After Colorado's Darkest Days: Using Weapons and Ammunition to Date Conflicts and Identify Participants in Battle


No Award - Meeting Cancelled, No Posters Presented in Virtual Competition


Danielle Soza (Graduate Student, University of Arizona)

  • Soil Chemistry and Stone Ring Sites: Preliminary Results from Four Horns Lake, Montana

Sylvia M. Sandstrom (Undergraduate Student, Minnesota State University-Moorhead)

  • The Boller Site Platter--A Northern Plains Ceramic Anomaly


Paul Buckner, Madeline Kunkel, and Jessica McCaig (Colorado State University)

Matthew Colvin (University of Georgia)


Samantha Nadal and Cynthia Strong (Cornell College)

Evelyn Pickering (University of Arizona)


Jennifer K. Deats (University of Colorado, Boulder)


Justin Garnett (University of Missouri, Kansas City)