Student Paper Award
Past Recipients


Caitlin Calvert (Graduate Student, Metropolitan State University of Denver)

  • Prehistoric Occupation in an area of the Colorado Piedmont as seen through Survey at Cherokee Ranch

Robert J. Madden (Undergraduate Student, Colorado State University)

  • Morphological Comparison of Prehistoric Colorado "Gaming Pieces" to Historic Native American Dice


Rachel Thimmig (Graduate Student, Brown University)

  • On- and Off-Reservation Life: A Reexamination of Crow-Flies-High Village.

Clifford White (Undergraduate Student, University of Wyoming)

  • Did Water Availability Impact Clovis Settlement Strategies on the Great Plains?


No Award - Meeting Cancelled


Evelyn Pickering (Graduate Student, University of Arizona)

  • Creation and Creative Reconstruction: Blackfeet Resilience Capacity on the Northern Plains


Amanda Anne Burtt (Graduate Student, Indiana University)

  • Unlikely Allies: Modern Wolves and the Diets of Pre-contact Domestic Dogs

Travis Jones (Graduate Student, University of Georgia)

  • Revisiting Huff Village: Toward Generational Timescales for Plains Villages

No Undergraduate Student Award


Abigail E. Fisher (Graduate Student, Southern Methodist University)

  • When is a Wolf a Dog? Combined Geometric Morphometrics and Stable Isotope Analysis for Differentiating Wild from Domestic Canids on the North American Great Plains

No Undergraduate Student Award


Ryan Breslawski (Graduate Student, Southern Methodist University)

  • Seasonal Bison Hunting by Paleoindians on the Northwestern Plains: Revisiting Fetal Prey Remains from Horner II and Casper

Seamus Anderson (Undergraduate Student, Texas Tech University)

  • Death, Divination, and Obligation: Owls in 19th Century Kiowa Culture


Whitney Goodwin (Graduate Student, Southern Methodist University)

  • Complementary Techniques for the Estimation of Original Firing Temperatures of Plains Ceramics: Experimental and Archaeological Results


Adam Wiewel (Graduate Student, University of Arkansas)

  • Examining Agricultural Surplus at Huff Village, North Dakota: Combining Archaeological and Geophysical Data.

Sarah E. Wolff (Graduate Student, University of Arizona)

  • Protecting a National Icon: The First Use of the Antiquities Act of 1906 to Declare Devils Tower National Monument


Elsa Perry (Undergraduate Student, University of Lethbridge)

  • Correlating Etching Tool Materials with Petroglyphs at Writing on Stone (published in Plains Anthropologist 60(223):72-83 (2015))


William Reitze (Graduate Student, Southern Methodist University)

  • Salvaging a Sandia Site: Reinvestigation of the Lucy Site, Central New Mexico


Kacy Hollenback (Graduate Student, University of Arizona)

  • Social Memory of Disaster: Exploring Historic Smallpox Epidemics among the Mandan and Hidatsa

Travis Hill (Undergraduate Student, Colorado State University)

  • Qualifying Comfort: Intentional Design in Unhafted End Scrapers at the Lindenmeier Folsom Site, Northern Colorado


Maureen Boyle (Graduate Student, Indiana University)

  • Beyond Linearity in Western Historical Narratives: The Wild West as Temporal Frontier

Wendi Field Murray (Graduate Student, University of Arizona)

  • Feathers, Fasting, and the "Eagle Complex": A Contemporary Analysis of the Eagle as a Cultural Resource in the Northern Plains (published in Plains Anthropologist 56(218): 143-153 (2011))

Brigid Grund (Undergraduate Student, University of Colorado)

  • Understanding the Great Plains Paleoindian Projectile Point Chronology: Radiocarbon Dating and Potential Coevality of Point Types


Jeremy Planteen (Graduate Student, University of Wyoming)

  • The Wild West Show: Rethinking the Influence of the Miller's 101 Ranch Wild West Show and Early Film on the Native American Stereotype

Shana Wolff (Undergraduate Student, Laramie County Community College)

  • An Analysis of Plants Traditionally Used by Plains American Indians as Topical Antiseptics for Antimicrobial Effectiveness


Naomi Ollie (Graduate Student, Colorado State University)

  • Many Mountains Moving: Tales of Mass-Wasting and Archaeology in the Absaroka Range, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Sarah Trabert (Undergraduate Student, Kansas State University)

  • Steed-Kisker Ceramics: Analysis of the Scott Site (14LV1082) Assemblage (published in Plains Anthropologist 54(212):289-299 (2009))


Michael P. Jordan (Graduate Student, University of Oklahoma)

  • Religion and Reservation Life: Kiowa Revitalization Movements of the 1880s

Jayme Job (Undergraduate Student, Minnesota State University-Moorhead)

  • Sourisford Salamanders: Renewal Iconography of the Devils Lake-Sourisford Ceramic Complex


Tomasin Playford (Graduate Student, University of Manitoba)

  • Establishing Site Seasonality: Importance, Problems and a Potential Solution

Patti Kinnear (Undergraduate Student, University of Colorado)

  • Cooperation and Conflict: Examining Alternative Views of Archaeology on the Great Plains (published in Plains Anthropologist 53(206):161-177 (2008))


Raven Carper (University of Montana)

  • A Study of the Utility of a 'Symmetry Index' in the Assessment of Biface Production Goals (published in Lithic Technology 30(2):127-144 (2005))


Lucy Burris (Colorado State University)

  • Western Harvester Ants: Archaeology's Little Helpers


Jodi Jacobson (University of Tennessee)

  • Identification of Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemiounus) and White-tail Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) Post-cranial Remains as a Means of Determining Human Subsistence Strategies (published in Plains Anthropologist 48(187):287-297 (2003))


Charles Egeland (Colorado State University)

  • From Cutmarks to Behavior: The Reliability of Cutmarks for Inferring Processing Intensity (published in Plains Anthropologist 48(184):39-51 (2003))

Chad Goings (University of Arkansas)

  • A Predictive Model for Lithic Resources in Iowa (published in Plains Anthropologist 48(184):53-67 (2003))


Paula Renaud (University of Wyoming)

  • Sticks, Stones, and Cyberwaves: Creating an International Community of Aboriginal Philosophy in the 21st Century


Rhonda S. Fair (University of Oklahoma)

  • Becoming the White Man's Indian: An Examination of Native American Tribal Web Sites (published in Plains Anthropologist 45(172):53-67 (2000))


Jesse Ballenger (University of Oklahoma)

  • Late Paleoindian Land Use in the Oklahoma Panhandle: Goff Creek and Nall Playa (published in Plains Anthropologist 44(168):189-207 (1999))


Susan Tanner (University of Nebraska)

  • An Analysis of Use-Wear on Nebraska Phase Ceramics

1996 No Award

Bruce Low (University of Saskatchewan)

  • Swan River Chert: Its Geological Occurrence, Geographical Distribution, and Archaeological Collection - A Ubiquitous Pre-Contact Lithic Resource of the Northern Plains/Southern Boreal Forest (published in Plains Anthropologist 41(156):165-174 (1996))

1994 No Award
1993 No Award

Elizabeth Miller (University of Nebraska)

  • Evidence for Prehistoric Scalping in Northeastern Nebraska (published in Plains Anthropologist 39(148):211-219 (1994))

1991 No Award

Jeffrey A. Huebner (University of Texas-Austin)

  • Late Prehistoric Bison Populations in Central and Southern Texas

1989 Unknown
1988 Unknown
1987 Unknown

Judith Habicht-Mauche (Harvard University)

  • Southwestern-Style Culinary Ceramics on the Southern Plains: A Case Study of Technological Innovation and Cross-Cultural Interaction (published in Plains Anthropologist 32(116):175-189 (1987))