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» Save the Date! 78th Annual Plains Conference planned for November 10-13, 2021 in Boulder, CO!

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» Congratulations to Lawrence L. "Larry" Loendorf - the 2020 PAS Distinguished Service Award Recipient

» Native American Student Award Winner Announced - Maura Fournier

» Two Recipients for the Donna C. Roper Research Award - Carlton Gover and Steven Keehner

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Plains Anthropologist Editor Changes

It takes a lot of work on the part of many people to keep the Plains Anthropologist journal moving forward.

We would like to extend a big thank you to our outgoing Editor, Bob Hoard, for doing an outstanding job in editing the journal. He has worked to increase the journal’s reputation and in negotiating the best contract with our publisher to the benefit of the PAS and Plains Anthropology in general. Special thanks is also owed to Associate Editor Mary Hoard, who has provided copy editing and recommendations regarding content on many of the submitted manuscripts. The journal would not have the current level of quality without the enormous amount of time and effort these two have dedicated!

We are also grateful to Matthew E. Hill for continuing to serve as the editor of the Book Reviews section, and for his effort in selecting books for review and working with reviewers to get their manuscripts submitted.

Finally, welcome to our incoming Editor, Bill Billeck (Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History), who as of today, July 1st, will succeed Bob Hoard in this important role for the journal! Journal or manuscript related questions can continue to be directed to the editor@plainsanthropologicalsociety.org email account.

Save the Date! 78th Annual Plains Conference planned for November 10-13, 2021 in Boulder, CO!

It's official! Conference organizer Douglas Bamforth and the PAS Board are busy making plans for an in-person conference in Boulder, CO, November 10-13, 2021! Hotel reservations can now be made at the conference rate - visit the hotel links on the Conference page for more information. Check back for updates as plans are finalized!

Plains Anthropologist Back Issue Requests

We are again able to fill requests for physical copies of Plains Anthropologist back issues! We appreciate your understanding of the delay caused by Covid-19 restrictions. Issues printed through 2013 can be ordered, subject to availability - visit our Back Issues page for more information.

Congratulations to Lawrence L. "Larry" Loendorf - the 2020 PAS Distinguished Service Award Recipient

For exceptional and dedicated service to Great Plains teaching, scholarship, rock art preservation, and historic resource management, and for his service to the Plains Anthropological Society, the PAS Board of Directors is honored to present the 2020 Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Lawrence L. Loendorf. Congratulations Larry, and thanks for all you have done for Plains anthropology!

A full announcement detailing Larry's service and five decade+ career will be published in the February 2021 issue of Plains Anthropologist.

Native American Student Award Winner Announced - Maura Fournier

Maura Fournier (Métis) is currently completing a four-year Honors Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a minor in Indigenous Studies at the University of Winnipeg.

Two Recipients for the Donna C. Roper Research Award - Carlton Gover and Steven Keehner

Carlton Gover (University of Colorado, Boulder) - "Re-dating the Tahaksu Site (25MK15) Using Donna C. Roper's Chronometric Hygiene Protocol"

Steven Keehner (University of Iowa) - "AMS Dating the Perry (14JF315) and Infinity (14MY305) Sites"

Journal News - Call for Papers

It is always a good time to submit manuscripts for publication in Plains Anthropologist. The journal accepts articles on general or focused topics, literature reviews that summarize current data and provide fresh perspectives, and reports on investigations of fieldwork and research on collections. Larger works, approximately 100 published pages, can be published as a memoir. Assistance on submission is on the PAS website - Information for Authors. The editor can assist if you have difficulties submitting through Editorial Manager. Turnaround times from submission to publication currently are prompt.

PCI-Archaeology and Manuscript Solicitation

PCI Archaeology, a new system for peer-reviewing academic manuscripts, is now open. From Brad Logan (Recommender), a PCI (Peer Community In) is a "system intended to organise, in a completely transparent way, the peer review process of manuscripts already deposited on preprint servers... a PCI is a community of researchers (called recommenders) who agree to act as associate editors." See Brad's full announcement here or visit the PCI Archaeology website for more information - https://archaeo.peercommunityin.org/.