»  Cultural Resources Director - Augustana University Archeology Lab (Open Until Filled)

»  Osteologist (Laboratory Research Specialist) - Indiana University-Bloomington (Closes August 21, 2021)

»  Archeologist/GIS Support - Kansas State University-Ft. Riley Kansas (Open Until Filled)

»  Digital Assets Manager - Illinois State Museum (Open Until Filled)

»  Principal Investigator - Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc. (Open Until Filled)

Cultural Resources Director - Augustana University Archeology Lab

Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is seeking a fulltime Director to oversee all operations of the Augustana University Archeology Lab, a financially independent entity established on the Augustana campus in 1982. The Director should think creatively in seeking revenue avenues for the Archeology Laboratory in addition to directing archeological research, cultural resource management (CRM), and historic preservation projects. This position provides an exciting opportunity for a motivated individual to build upon a well-established small University-based cultural resource management lab. 

For more information or to apply, visit: http://www.augie.edu/administrative-positions?fbclid=IwAR04_4uvSLW-MLUkseIa5cbiG7yGQluZQVnw2wYTXNVxKH5pAfVFh7C9eaU#Cultural%20Resources%20Director

Osteologist (Laboratory Research Specialist) - Indiana University-Bloomington

The NAGPRA Office at Indiana University - Bloomington invites applications for an Osteologist (Laboratory Research Specialist) position to begin October 1st, 2021. This position will primarily assist with the documentation of NAGPRA osteology collections. Responsibilities also include preparing summary data reports; conducting cultural affiliation documentation on the collections; and assisting with repatriation preparation if needed.

For more information or to apply, visit: https://www.aplitrak.com/?adid=YmJnZW5lcmljLjA5MzAwLjgyNTJAaXVjb21wLmFwbGl0cmFrLmNvbQ

Archeologist/GIS Support - Kansas State University-Ft. Riley Kansas

Kansas State University is seeking a skilled archeologist with applied GIS experience for its Archeological Support Services team at Fort Riley military base near Manhattan, Kansas. The successful candidate will assist with archaeological surveys and site assessments, perform related mapping duties (GIS, GPS, total station, data management), aid in site reporting and report writing, and be a quality team member. Minimum requirements include a Masters degree in Anthropology or Archaeology; two years of archaeological field, lab, and reporting experience; and training in GIS and ArcGIS software. This is a full-time salaried appointment renewable annually based on performance and funding. For more information or to apply, visit: https://careers.k-state.edu/cw/en-us/job/510865/research-associate-archaeologistgis-support.

Digital Assets Manager - Illinois State Museum 

The Illinois State Museum is looking to hire a Digital Assets Manager. This position will work on the ongoing implementation and transfer of collections data to a new digital assets management system (DAMS). The Digital Asset Manager must possess research skills and substantial research experience and knowledge in the fields of anthropology and ethnography. The position will be focused 50% on the role of Digital Asset Manager and 50% on the role of research assistant to the Curator of Anthropology. For more information, visit http://www.illinoisstatemuseum.org/DigitalAssetsManager.

Principal Investigator - Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc.

Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc. is looking for an experienced Principal Investigator for their Bismarck, North Dakota Office. Principal Investigators at Metcalf are a critical point of contact with clients and are accountable for providing excellent and responsive customer service. Job duties primarily center around procuring and managing archaeological projects. Responsibilities also extend to ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and permits, monitoring schedules and budgets, providing high level research and technical support for other staff and maintaining high levels of quality. Principal Investigators not only supervise, but also participate in Metcalf projects. For more information or to apply, visit http://metcalfarchaeology.com/careers/?fbclid=IwAR2zQBQUUdKdgGQS8fBADgtbWWAT40k2hv6aRgiWleuH7FYRbJbVNfhH4Sk.


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