In May 2019, the PAS Board of Directors established a task force with the aim of developing policies on sexual harassment, sexual violence, racial and ethnic harassment, age discrimination, and professional conduct within our organization, including at PAS meetings. For updated information on actions being taken, please attend the annual PAS Business Meeting on Friday, October 18th at the 2019 Plains Conference in Bloomington, IN.

A Letter from the PAS Board Regarding Harassment (May 1, 2019)

Task Force:

  • Sarah Trabert - Chair (Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma)

  • Evelyn Pickering - Student Affairs Representative (Graduate Student, University of Arizona)

  • Danielle Soza (Graduate Student, University of Arizona)

  • Rob Bozell (Nebraska State Archeologist, History Nebraska)

  • Lynelle Peterson (President and Owner, Ethnoscience, Inc.)

  • Bill Lees (Executive Director, Florida Public Archaeology Network)

  • Dale Henning (Retired Archaeologist)

  • Chérie Haury-Artz - Liason to PAS Board, the SAA, and MAC (Office of the State Archaeologist, University of Iowa)