Plains Anthropologist

      Plains Anthropologist, a quarterly journal, publishes original papers on the anthropology of the Great Plains and adjacent areas of North America. Manuscripts of a more general nature, or those concerned with other areas, will be considered if they are of theoretical importance or if they bear upon problems of humans in Plains environments. Memoir issues of the Plains Anthropologist are published depending on availability of manuscripts and funding.

      Individual subscription is by membership in the Plains Anthropological Society.
      Authors should submit manuscripts directly online to:

      For any questions contact:
      Robert J. Hoard, Editor, Plains Anthropologist (2020)
      Kansas Historical Society
      6425 SW 6th Avenue
      Topeka, KS 66615-1099

      Phone: (785) 272-8681, ext. 269

      Send review copies of books to:
      Matthew E. Hill, Jr., Book Review Editor, Plains Anthropologist (2020) 
      Department Anthropology
      114 Macbride Hall
      University of Iowa
      Iowa City, IA 52242-1322
      Phone: (319) 335-1425