Board of Directors Election

      Polling for the 2018 Plains Anthropological Society Board of Directors is now open. This is your opportunity to select members of the Plains Anthropological Society Board of Directors that will help guide the future of the organization. Pursuant to Article 4, Section 2 of the Bylaws (as amended), the Board of Directors shall consist of nine persons elected by the membership. Three seats are being vacated this year so you may select up to three of the six candidates below.
      Only members in good and current standing may vote in the Board of Directors Election. Current members include lifetime members and anyone who has paid 2018 dues up to and including the day of the election deadline for a regular, student, or joint (in conjunction with a regular member) membership. Voting is not allowed by Institutional subscribers. Each member is allowed to vote only once, but may select up to three candidates from the list below. You will not be able to make changes to your ballot once it has been submitted.
      You must be logged into your PAS member account in order to cast a ballot. If you are having trouble logging in please contact Wendi Murray, the PAS membership chair by clicking here
      Electronic voting is the preferred method. However, if you wish to receive a paper ballot please contact the Nominations Committee chair Mika Fosha by clicking here. All paper ballots must be postmarked by the deadline. Any paper ballots postmarked after this deadline will not be counted. Paper ballots from non-current members will not be counted.
      You may read the candidate biographical sketches and statements by clicking here to download a PDF.